March 11, 2014 | Posted in:News

Hear&There Free – The New All Free App that Streamlines the Way to Share & Manage Locations – Released by Toroid Software

Consolidated “Snap&Send” view
• Take a photo of any landmark or just yourself, combine it with your current location, enter a message then send it to whomever you are asking to meet you using SMS, Email or Facebook. All happens in one simple view with clear steps.
• View your realtime current location address updating on the go

Simplified “Geo Photos” Map view
• Browse your Geo Photos easily on the map in a single view

No iPhone or iPad? No Worries.
• iPhone users can view requests from friends in Here&There to enjoy all the features.
• If your friend doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad, they can open it in Web Browser showing the photo, location and message in Google Maps. It works even for desktop users!

Real-time location tracking
• When connected you will see how far away your friend is, you can exchange messages instantly about your progress (that does not require SMS) if both parties use Here&There

Get Travel Instructions
• Your location can be sent directly to the Apple Maps to provide travel instructions.
• In Web Viewer, travel instructions are provided by Google Maps.

Your privacy is respected
• All data will be removed from the server 48 hours after you send the package.
• After that, you can still conveniently find it and re-use it on your local device.


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