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An exciting new initiative for all Food Trucks has just been launched. MyFoodTruck keeps you connected with your favourite Food Trucks showing location and status. Search for what is around you or get alerts when they are nearby.

MyFoodTruck will keep you in touch with the food trucks in your area. See who is close by, who is open and get to view samples of their menu.
MyFoodTruck will provide food truck vendors with a showcase for their products, communication with their customers and ultimately an environment for e-commerce.

From the launch, this combination of a Web App (just needs a browser) and an iPhone App provide a great place to see what the Food Truck has to offer. Its food, menu and location in real time. You can see if they are open, closed or moving and if you select it as a favourite, you will get alerts on your phone. If they are moving you can also receive an alert that you favourite Food Trucks are close.
At launch time it is all free and the plan is to keep the basic functions free into the future and charge for premium content. This will depend on the level of support it receives now and as new content is released.
The focus of the first launch is Melbourne, however, the system will work in any city from day one.

MyFoodTruck Web App

Take a look at from any browser and search for your favourite truck name. If they have signed up you will see their status straight away. If they haven’t you may see a sample page for them. Encourage your favourite Food Trucks to sign up today.


You can search for a Truck by name or just look for everything within a radius or at a destination. If you are hungry, you just need to see what is nearby.
Every food truck operator can show you images of their food, their truck or events as well as a menu along with their existing twitter™ feed. On the sample page you can see that the status is “open” and the location as an address and on a map (with available directions). These are updated from an app under the control of the food truck operator. Location is picked up automatically from their GPS.



MyFoodTruck ios App

Since is a Web app it can be viewed, pretty much, in any browser on any device. This means almost anyone with a smart phone can use it. In addition to this, we wanted to add features, now and in the future, that can’t be done in a Web app so we have also created the MyFoodTruck iOS App for iPhones™ and iPads™ .
At launch time, installing MyFoodTruck from the app store provides access to notifications. Notifications are sent every time a Food Truck that you have as a favourite, changes their status say from “Closed” to “Open”. You don’t need the app running in the foreground and the phone can even be locked and the alerts will appear on the lock screen.
If their truck is often on the move, like a lunch truck, they can also choose the “Moving” status. While “Moving” if your app is open, you will also get an alert as they approach your location so you can get ready. How great is that for kids waiting for the ice-cream truck in summer.
There are a number of things planned for the future, depending on the level of interest for example:
• Alerts for menu changes or special offers.
• The option to order and pay from the app.

Toroid Software

MyFoodTruck is developed by Toroid Software Pty Ltd. Learn more about Toroid Software at