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Our new Friends & Family centric location App

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“Here&There” makes it easy to save and share your location without needing an address. Meet someone or get back to a favorite spot.

Forget the address! With the click of a button “Here & There” takes a photo, adds your current location and a message then saves it or shares it via SMS, Email or Facebook. Meet someone, or show them the awesome place you found last night. Get your kids to check in? Here&There makes it quick and easy.

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Addresses, who needs them!  With the click of a button “Here&There” takes a photo of any landmark or just yourself and combines it with your current location and a message then sends it to anybody who you are asking to meet you or pick you up. Or just show someone the awesome place you found last night. Your previous locations are saved on your device so you can easily return or invite others to meet you at your favorite place.

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Who Uses this App?

“Here&There” can be used by anyone who needs somebody else to find them.  You may not have a car or it’s broken down; addresses, who needs them, your favorite  beach doesn’t have one; you may be at a club, by the side door … there is no end to the situations where you just want a simple way to share your locations and tell somebody where you are.

Key Features

Camera for landmarks or upload photo
Finds your current location and displays on a map
Sends via SMS or email
Post on Facebook

No iPhone or iPad? No Worries. 
•  iPhone users can view requests from friends in Here&There to enjoy all the features.
•  If your friend doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad, they can open it in Web Browser showing the photo, location and message in Google Maps. It works even for desktop users!
• When view from a web browser, your picture, location and message are located on a map
The data will remain available for 48 hours.

Real-time location tracking

•  When connected you will see how far away your friend is, you can exchange messages instantly about your progress (that does not require SMS) if both parties use Here&There

Get Travel Instructions 
•  Your location can be sent directly to the Apple Maps to provide travel instructions.
•  In Web Viewer, travel instructions are provided by Google Maps.


What does it need?

Here&There uses the native camera on your device and the GPS system to locate you.

You can use either SMS or email to send a notification that you want to be picked up. Alternatively, you can post on Facebook.

The recipient can view the request in another copy of Here&There to enjoy all the features or a web browser for basic viewing. The photo, location and a message are conveniently displayed on a map.

Here&There will need an acceptable mobile service level and a view of the sky is preferred for accurate locations.