Toroid Software is an organization focused on mobile applications that provide real solutions.

The genesis of Toroid’s first app, Ground Control, came from a broken down car. It was on a country road about 20-30 minutes from the last town, they had no idea what county they were in, let alone the address. When attempting to describe where they were to the roadside assistance organisation, all the driver wanted was to be able to photograph their surroundings and say “I’m here, come and get me” without needing to know, in detail, where “here” was. So Ground Control was a mobile solution to this real problem and lots of situations like it where “here” is where you are. Ground Control became Here&There and was followed by MyFoodTruck. They are the start of what we hope will become a useful family of Apps.

At Toroid we believe that value is created by applications that are specific, streamlined and simple to use.

Specific: Our app’s are designed to perform a specific task that a targeted group of people will find useful rather than offer a generic capability without focused use.

Streamlined: There are often a number of steps required to perform an overall task or function. In a mobile app each step may require specific knowledge of the capabilities of your device. Our app’s are designed to streamline those steps and minimize the amount of human intervention including the minimization of the knowledge required to use the function.

Simple: By focusing on specific tasks for a targeted group with a view to stream line processes, we can deliver on the third goal to make the app simple. Simple comes from obvious expectations, minimal steps, minimal required knowledge and consistent ergonomics.


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